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Waiting for answers in a state of emergency can be frustrating and overwhelmingly disappointing. In a fast-paced world, fast-paced solutions are sought, especially when caught in a dead end technical moment.

When all else fails, plan D always works! Remote computer diagnostics has made today’s fast-paced technical world significantly easier with instant solutions through remote technology. What this entails is a remote technician operating on your computer using the Internet or an internal network. This technology brings forth the apex of computer solutions, making it easier to diagnose and customize solutions in real time and with no delay!

With computer networking, remote access technology allows logging into a system as an authorized user without being physically present at its keyboard. Remote access is commonly used on corporate computer networks but can also be utilized on home networks.

SuperTechMan is one such remote technical support and training tool. A simple click on a web link connects you instantly to a live technician where you can begin your virtual on-site support session.


We come equipped with a diagnostics facility that provides a comprehensive, all-round investigative report of your computer during a remote support session. It provides prime diagnostics information in a single tabbed interface called Remote PC Diagnostics, which displays basic information about the remote system, lists the on-going processes as well as services along with their running status. It also lists hardware and software drivers that are active, displays details of software applications and programs and details of all the start up programs. It also details events categorized by application, security or system.

This method of diagnosing your PC helps a technician:

  • Detect whether any unwanted or spurious services, processes or applications are running;
  • Detect if any necessary processes and services have been stopped or disabled;
  • Track if services were started automatically/manually;
  • Track events that occurred and their severity; and
  • Track processes that utilize the most memory/CPU.

The reasons why remote organizations such as SuperTechMan enjoy astounding success, is because of many, some of which are outlined below:

Round the clock service: SuperTechMan is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps you get your computer problem fixed as soon as you encounter the problem

Convenience: The computer remains with you all the time at your place of work. You do not have to drop it off a computer store and wait to get it back

Security: SuperTechMan’s online repair technicians seek permission from you before accessing your files. In case of computer stores, you do not know if your files are being accessed, copied or deleted.

Viewing the process: The entire repair procedure can be witnessed by you with a "video-sharing" program provided by SuperTechMan. This helps you understand the process better.

Budget: SuperTechMan's services are cost-effective.

Guarantees and Policies: SuperTechMan offers a "No Fix, No Pay" policy which does exactly as it says. If solutions are not met, you don’t pay.

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  • SuperTechman provides remote technical software, hardware and peripheral services. Our affiliation with third party organizations implies no bearing of affiliation or responsibility with the third party unless expressly specified. Any third party software, hardware and peripheral warranties must be dealt with the relevant third party. PLEASE READ THE FULL DISCLAIMER.
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